Month: June 2015

Food Truck Friday Review

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Food. It’s a wonderful common interest we all share. An entire event dedicated to the wonders of food is simply a brilliant way to bring Renoites together.

At most other events I’ve attended, the majority of the booths are pointless to me: I don’t care about the hand woven baskets, the crummy t-shirts or the face painting booth. However every single truck at Food Truck Friday has something I’m interested in, making it exciting and full of purpose.

After walking through the street I will deem as “Food Truck Row” and evaluating my options, I picked out the “Wraps and Salads” truck  since it looked the healthiest. Thank God I have good friends who set my priorities straight by reminding me Food Truck Friday is not about the healthiest food, it’s about the biggest and tastiest. I quickly re-assessed my decision and decided to go with the Carolina BBQ Truck for its loaded mac and cheese: cheddar mac and cheese with bacon, topped with pulled pork and more cheese.

IMG_3182     IMG_3187

I have to admit for $10 the portion didn’t satisfy my hunger. The mac and cheese was nothing special, but the pulled pork topping the dish and the bbq sauce were exceptional. Overall I was marginally satisfied and I would probably elect to seek out something more mind-blowing next time. I would be willing to try a more bbq oriented dish from the same truck.

IMG_3189     IMG_3188

While I grubbed my Friends weaved through the entanglement of bodies trying to make a decision. Ultimately they both landed at the Philly’s Cheese Steak Truck. When they unwrapped their sandwiches they both let out sighs of disappointment, as the ingredients had poured out of the sandwich and stuck to the surrounding wrapper. They both commented on how it didn’t look anything like the picture on the truck. To further disappoint, they both said their cheese steak sandwiches and accompanying fries were average at best.

IMG_3181     IMG_3190 IMG_3194     IMG_3184

Fortunately the Ceol beer truck allowed them to drink their disappointments away. Overall I think the event is awesome. However you can learn from my experience that not every food truck is mind-blowing like you might expect. I will have to return to find the truck that changes my life. What is your favorite or your recommendation? Leave me a comment and let me know! 🙂