You’re Friends are Visiting, What To Do?

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CrewOn Memorial day weekend I had three friends from Oregon visit. One was my former roommate in the dorms, Reilly (left,) who very recently survived cancer! It was so good to see him healthy and happy again. I had not seen the other 2 of them since my undergraduate days, and not one of them had been to Reno. The video below summarizes our adventures, and the pictures below give you a more accurate image.



Eagle LakeMy friends arrived on Friday night, and we hung out since we were all tired. On Saturday we awoke from the dead, grabbed a few sandwiches from Capriottis and started our adventure to Eagle Falls. We hiked up Eagle Falls to Eagle Lake. The views were amazing and the Oregonians felt at home. The hike was pretty easy and it was perfect for Reilly.
Next we grabbed a baguette, salomi and cheese, and we hung out at King’s beach. The water was still pretty cold and so I opted for playing frisbee. After spending a few hours at the lake, we went to downtown Truckee and grabbed some food and drinks. Afterwards we went up to my family’s cabin, where we said hello to my parents and relaxed for awhile. Eventually we headed back to Reno and prepared for a night in downtown Reno. We got out in downtown late, but I managed to take the Oregonians to Imperial, Old Bridge and the Cal Neva. It was Katie’s first time in a casino and it was funny to listen to her reaction. The Oregonians weren’t particularly amazed with downtown Reno, so we called it a night.

ZombieThe next day we went to Archies to take advantage of the $3.50 bloody Mary special and the breakfast burritos. MMM. Then we bought a ton of ammo for my AR-15, and shot it for hours up on Peavine. I had a Zombie target that had spaces to insert clay pigeons. I inserted a bottle into the slot in the Zombie’s mouth. When I shot the bottle, it exploded in such a way that it actually severed the zombie’s head! I felt accomplished, as everyone know you can;t kill a zombie unless you shoot it in the head. Check out the photo.





PyramidNext we got camping supplies and ventured to pyramid lake. We spent the remainder of our night around a campfire, under the stars. Aside from the brief windstorm and bug infestation, it was gorgeous. Pyramid Lake is such a mystical place. The next day we walked over to the forbidden zone and climbed on the rocks. After that we packed up the campsite, drove back to Reno and I had to say goodbye to the Oregonians.

They all commented on how diverse and fun the weekend was. They also noted that they would never be able to show someone a similar weekend in Portland. If you liked my Memorial Day adventure, tweet it to your friends!


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