Nevada Day

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I grew up in California and I did my Undergrad in Oregon. We never celebrated the fact that we lived in those places, unlike Nevada. Nevada has an entire day to celebrate being A Nevadian and it’s called Nevada Day. This is a legitimate, state holiday recognized holiday that is celebrated on the last Friday in October. It’s actually the “largest statehood celebration in the nation.

The history of Nevada Day of Nevada is not very extensive from what I have been able to find. Nevada became a state on October 31 of 1864 and that is the reason behind the celebration. It’s a tradition that never died, even considering every other state achieved the same thing and it happened 150 years ago. The link to the website above describes it as, “It is Nevada’s Heritage Celebration, a gathering of community spirit on the last week of October to salute our state’s past and look ahead to its future.”

nevadaday_logo-NV150On this fine holiday, all government offices, schools and most libraries are closed. Some private businesses also close at their own discretion. So what can you do with an extra day off? In addition to pursuing one of the million things I’ve blogged about, you can partake in the variety of Nevada day activities, which occur all weekend long. The most popular and recognizable event is the parade in Carson city. (Photo Credit)

The parade day starts with an 8am hot air balloon launch on Carson street near the Carson Mall. At 10am, military planes fly overhead and that signals the official start to the parade. The parade begins at the intersection of William and Carson Streets and it usually concludes between 1pm or 2pm. The parade is comprised of floats, marching bands and a variety of entertainment. There are usually around 200 entries for contributors to the parade.

let’s have a philosophical discussion for a second: Nevada is one of the whackiest and weirdest places in terms of its laws and culture. However we have the biggest celebration in the country for being the whackiest and the weirdest, and it’s brings all of us gun-slinging Nevadians together. How unique and awesome is that? Very. I love being different. What do you think state celebrations in other states would entail? I bet Oregon would have a lot of tye-dye booths and hemp products… Leave me a comment and let me know!



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