Upcoming Reno Events

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The weekend is approaching and you’re looking for something to do. You’re feeling adventurous and therefore you’re seeking something new. Where do you look to learn about events happening around here?  Below I will discuss some events coming up in the near future, and you can bookmark the sites for your future reference. (Photo Credit)

1. Dine the District

I don’t know much about this event, as I discovered it recently. From what i can gather, you pay for a ticket and you get to taste food at all of the 20 restaurants participating in the “Riverwalk District.” Since everybody likes to eat, theoretically everybody would like this event. It’s certainly a way to try new restaurants while adding a unique element to the day. This event is taking place May 3rd from 1-4pm.

2. Reno River Festival

wpid-reno_river_festival_art2This is an annual event, taking place this year on May 10th. If you’re into kayaking, this will probably be an enjoyable spectacle. If you’re like most people, you will go for the atmosphere. There are a ton of people, music, food and other small business vendors. I personally prefer activities with more adventure, but it can be a fun activity with a family. You can also click the event calendar on this website to see everything happening by the date. (Photo Credit)

3. Bob Saget

You can always check the Casino websites for entertaining events, but I learned about this one from a billboard. If you have never seen some of Bob Saget’s comedy, you should check it out. He’s very funny, and wildly inappropriate. The link to Bob Saget’s page is the Grand Sierra’s event calendar. If you’re not a Saget fan, perhaps one of the shows at other casinos will toot your horn. Check out events at John Ascuaga’s Nugget, The Silver Legacy,The El Dorado, and The Harrah’s.

4. Reno Event Center

The title of this place really gives it away. Coming up on May 3rd is Reno Ultimate Combat which is MMA cage fighting, (like UFC.) If you like watch bald guys punch each other because they’re angry about having no hair, this is for you. I’m just kidding, MMA fighting is pretty badass. If you don’t find anything cool on the Reno Event Center website, maybe you will prefer this website about downtown Reno events.

Hopefully this will give you a few more ideas to keep you and your date occupied in the coming month. There is a lot more happening in the Biggest Little City than many people realize. You have to be proactive to track down the good events and find the best musicians/comedians visiting Reno. If you would like to thank me for the wonderful ideas above, you can retweet this post and then buy me a beer next time you see me out and about.




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