A Perfect Reno

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Obviously I like Reno and the surrounding and area. However I recognize it’s not perfect and some changes need to be made. In this post I will describe what a perfect Reno would look like, (perfect according to my own fine taste.) Some changes will not be feasible or realistic, but it’s fun to dream sometimes right? Here’s my vision for the development of a perfect Reno:

RENORIverFirst, many professional businesses will move here because they will recognize the tax benefits and quality of life. This will increase the median salary, making Reno more attractive, and it will bring more educated residents to the area. These businesses will need office space and many of them will choose downtown for their location, giving downtown a true makeover. Since there are only so many existing office spaces downtown, the City of Reno will elect to flatten all of the crappy motels and build offices and apartments/condos instead. All of the tenants from the crappy motels will be relocated to Sparks, or maybe even Sacramento. The liquor stores in the area will be converted into grocery stores and the dive bars will turn into gyms, day cares and other businesses that will support working professionals in an urban community. The City will also take initiatives to make the city more beautiful by removing all graffiti, repainting all structures that need it and by planting more trees. (Photo credit)

All of the residents who choose not to live in downtown will need places to love. Considering we have an extremely low inventory right now, new developments will need to be created, which we have plenty of space for. In addition to the current developments in South Reno and parts of Sparks, North Reno will see these developments occur outside of the McCarran loop near Keyston/McCarran and along 395 N. New, nice pockets of Reno will be created from this new construction and it will allow support businesses to thrive in these new communities. These efforts will be noticed by visitors and the perception of Reno will begin to change.

The influx of highly educated people will create a demand for better schools. The state will provide schools with a larger portion of their budget and teachers will be held accountable for performing to the highest standard. Our ranks will climb, not necessarily to the top, but away from rock bottom. The improved education system will create an intelligent base for Reno’s future population.

Suddenly UNR will be much more successful in retention efforts because students can find high paying jobs more easily in the area and the University’s rating will rise, bringing more. The number of beautiful women in Reno begins to amplify. Due to the population growth, more restaurants, bars and stores will pop up. Unfortunately all of these new people will create a traffic jam, so new infrastructure will need to be created to support the population growth, thus creating more jobs. Despite all of the new people and businesses, the cost of living remains very low and there are still no income taxes.

The best part is that all of these new Renoites will be city people and therefore the ski resorts will not get any more crowded, which will leave great powder for me! In fact, everyone from Tahoe will despise the population growth next door and they will move to Montana, which will leave even more powder for me. Finally, once all of this is completed, the Mayor of Reno will recognize that all of the changes were inspired by this blog post, and they will create a giant, iconic statue of me downtown as a token of appreciation. The end.

You are welcome to tell your kids this story before bedtime. I think all of things I mentioned could happen in Reno, but I think the timeline would be about 20 years. Wouldn’t it be great if a group of investors decided to make Reno an attractive place by funding the reconstruction I described? I think that would change the image of Reno and I think it would enable growth. It would be very risky, and therefore it’s probably not realistic. What would a perfect Reno look like to you? Leave me a comment and let me know.




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