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I’ve already discussed plenty of recreational opportunities around here. If you’re too lazy or unadventurous to get out of the city, what is there to do around here?? The short answer: A LOT! In this post I will try to avoid outdoor activities I have touched on in prior posts such as the hiking, biking and dirt biking trails in Reno, the activities associated around the Truckee River, etc. I will suggest more entertainment-centric activities you could pursue IN Reno.

  1.  Need to Speed

This is an indoor kart racing facility that is fairly new to the South Reno area. Apparently the karts get up to 45 mph and the video below makes it look really fun. My friend had the brilliant idea of dressing up like the characters in Mariokart and going there to race. You better not get behind me or I will definitely throw a banana peal in your path. The only bummer is that the guy in the video below explains how the karts are the “safest on the market” which means they probably don’t go as fast as they should, especially if they are impossible to tip. Still, 45 mph sounds pretty fast, and they are open even on the Holidays!

  1. The Grand Sierra Resort

This place has so much to do it’s just silly. Outside by the parking lot, they have a driving range where you hit balls into a lake. On this lake, there are a few floating islands at varying distances, and you win prizes if you make your ball into some of the holes. If you make a hole in one on the farthest island you win a free trip to Hawaii, but it’s basically impossible since the island is a piece of wood covered in a thin layer of turf. Your ball goes flying off after impact. They also have a huge bowling alley, a 185 ft bungee swing, mini golf and go karts. On the very bottom floor you can find “Fun Quest” which is designed for kids and it consist of video games, laser tag and “tumble town,” which is like a padded bounce area with slides and such.

  1.  Safe Shot Shooting Range

In Reno, we are a bunch of gun-slinging rednecks. Therefore, it’s perfect that there is a shooting right in the middle of the South Meadows area, very close to Jasmine Sushi off of Double R Blvd. There may be more shooting ranges in Reno, but Safe Shot is the only one I’m familiar with. There are also a number of unofficial outdoor ranges in the Carson area and on Mt. Peavine just North of Reno. If you like guns and you’re bored, it’s always fun to blast off a few rounds.

4. Frisbee Golf

Frisbee GolfRight behind the baseball complex that is off of N. Virginia and N. McCarran there is an 18 hole frisbee golf course. It’s a great way to kill some time with friends, as you can be competitive but chances are everyone in the group is pretty bad at it. It’s not a strenuous activity and therefore you can drink a beer and relax while you play. The course offers some spectacular views of Reno, as you can see by my photo to the left. If you don’t have frisbee golf discs, you can buy them, at Cabellas.




5. San Rafael Dog Park

ranchosanrafael10Located across the street from the frisbee golf course is San Rafael Park, and the San Rafael Dog Park. It’s a giant dog park where your furry friend can run free and get into fights with all of the other dogs. There is also a pond at the top and bottom of the park so your dog can jump in an get really muddy before getting back into your car for the ride home. If you don’t have a dog, then you can go play with other person’s dogs, which will brighten your day, unless you’re more of a weird guinea pig person of course. The park is so massive that taking a walk across the park in itself is actually a pretty nice activity.  (Photo Credit)


6. EZ Air

Basically this place is a warehouse full of trampolines. Trampolines on the ground, the walls, and into foam pits. Therefore it probably won’t be an enjoyable activity for most true “adults” or women. Since I’m just an over-sized old kid, I would still find it enjoyable on occasion. You can try double flips into the foam pit without the risk of injury. You can also partake in the dodgeball games that occur at scheduled times.

Lastly you can do the same activities that you can do in every city: There are plenty of parks and large grass areas to sit at, you can go a regular or Imax movie,  you can play in the nearest body of water, (the Truckee River,) you can go shopping, visit museums, partake in a pick-up soccer game at the UNR turf fields, etc. What do you like to do IN the City of Reno when you have time for fun? Leave me a comment and let me know!



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