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Believe it or not, I am not the only person who recognized Reno as a great place to live. In fact, I have seen Reno recognized for various reasons in numerous articles lately. Each article touches on something different and I believe every article is from a different source. I know you hate reading, and therefore I will summarize each article for you…

1. Reno ranks as the 3rd hottest Real Estate Market, according to MSN.

lisitngThis article rated the “hottest markets” by comparing the year-over-year median home price increases. All of the data comes from, however I have to question the data based on the data I’m familiar with directly from the MLS and the Reno Sparks Association of Realtors. For instance, the article claims the median home price rose 26.8% in the last year, and to my understanding it was 23.6%. Also the article claims the median home price in Reno is $259,900. The median house price fluctuates monthly, and it was $227,000 in March and $235,000 in February. The article picked a beautiful home to advertise, as you can see by the photo to the left. (Photo Credit.)

2. Virginia City Ranks as one of “The Coolest Desert Towns” by Travel and Leisure.

I know, I know, they meant to say Reno but they actually said Virginia City. Virginia City is about 25 miles south of Reno, and since my blog is about the Reno area, you have to let this article slide. They highlight the fact that Virginia City has a lot of historic sites, including wooden boardwalks, dusty graveyards and classic saloons. I know Virginia City best because they have kooky events like the camel/ostrich races and the Rocky Mountain oyster festival. Although you can pan for gold and explore old mines, there’s much more to do and see in Reno. We will credit the article for attracting attention the area.

3. The Downtown Library was rated as “The Coolest International Space” by Cengage Learning. 

LibraryI have never been to this library and I’ve never heard of Cengage Learning, but thanks for the recognition! The article highlights that the books stack fill 4 levels, so you can get your reading on. Known as “the garden,” apparently the lowest level is full of vegetation and it’s the place where patrons can read. I attached a picture to the left so you can get a more visual idea of what the bottom floor looks like. I think it’s a pretty cool idea to be surrounded by vegetation while reading and I think the UNR Library should recognize it! (Photo Credit)

4. “Reno Shares Biggest/Little moment with Biggest Little City Movement” 

This is more of a local article but I wanted to touch on “The Biggest Little City Movement” since it’s awesome. Basically this movement is dedicated to changing the perception of Reno based on sharing the stories of those who live here. This article explained how many entities in Reno got together at UNR to support the movement. The University is now taking part in the effort and the video below is a story told by the head football coach at UNR. “In the coming weeks and months, Biggest Little City plans to organize voter registration efforts in other cities as well as Adopt-A-Business efforts to help non-profits and small businesses in the area more effectively brand what they do and explain whey their work is important.”

If you know of any other headlines worth highlighting, please send them to me in a comment.


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