Summer Activites

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Recreation is something I have blogged about before, and I will blog about it again. It’s one of the best aspects to living in the Reno area. I will dedicate this post to activities you want to pursue on a hot summer day. If you didn’t already guess, these are activities that revolve around water.

1. Float the Truckee River: This is one of my favorite activities. If you’re looking for something exciting but relaxing at the same time, this is your activity. Go to Walmart and get some River Rat tubes. Call all of your friends, and pick up a few beers or a bag of wine. Park a car at the end, (in downtown) and have one of your friends drive to Mayberry Park. Apply your sunscreen, blow up your tubes, and sit down in the recliner position. Take in the scenery and the sun as you float toward downtown. All of the rapids are small, and therefore there isn’t much danger. I would say the biggest danger is loosing your beer. If I remember correctly, this float takes about 2 hours and it’s a great way to spend the afternoon. When your float is complete, you will be in the heart of downtown and you can choose from a number of restaurants or bars to continue your fun.

2. Emerald Pools: If you like cliff jumping, this is the best place. There are a ton of spots to jump from, ranging from about 25 to 70 feet. Make sure you bring shoes, as the water is still and it will hurt your feet to jump off big cliffs. Also, the water is cold, so don’t plan on doing a lot of swimming while you’re there. To get there, head west on Highway 80 and take the Highway 20 exit toward Grass Valley. You will turn right onto an unnamed road 5-10 minutes after you exit onto Highway 20. It’s right after Bowman Lake Road. The biggest cliff is called Goliath and you can watch Mike Wilson triple front flip it in the video below. If you have never heard of Mike Wilson, look him up. He was a pro skier and now he’s famous for doing crazy things. I think he’s he’s most famous for his quadruple back flip of a 99 foot rope swing into Lake Tahoe.

3. Lake Tahoe Beaches: If you like sitting on the beach and living this Corona commercial, Lake Tahoe is probably the best place for you. I will probably write a post about all of the beaches around Lake Tahoe. Each beach is different and ranking the quality accurately depends on what you’re looking for. If you want a large beach, a lot of people and a lot to do, I would recommend King’s beach. In addition to laying in the sand, you can take advantage of the near by barbecues, basketball and volleyball. You can also rent stand up paddle boards and paddle boats. There are restaurants very close and it’s located right in the middle of town. If you want a more secluded beach you might like Chimney Beach, or one of the many beaches on the East Shore. These beaches are, smaller, farther away from the road, (usually you have to hike down to them,) and there are no nearby games or restaurants. However these beaches are smaller and much less crowded. They’re more ideal for the person looking to relax and get away from people. Also, many of the beaches on the East Shore are dog friendly, unlike King’s Beach.

4. Paddle Activities: What are paddle activities you ask? I usually define these activities as kayaking or SUP. They’re perfect for the person looking to get some exercise on the water. You can pursue these activities on any lake, however I like Lake Stampede and Lake Tahoe the best. Stampede is a beautiful lake and it’s not very crowded, which makes it ideal for smoother water. The water on Lake Tahoe is usually rough, but I can’t help but love it. It feels so cool to be gliding across such an enormous, and enormously famous lake. I dislike Boca because it’s small and it doesn’t motivate my desire to explore. You’re also likely to run into boat wakes frequently. Donner Lake is okay but that lake just doesn’t do it for me. Maybe it’s the rough-ish water, or maybe it’s because the Town of Truckee has policeman patrolling on paddle boards? For me, paddle activities are about escaping from the real world. If there are cops around, the lake is not secluded enough for my taste.

What are some of your favorite summer activities and the locations where you pursue those activities? Leave me a comment and let me know!



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