My Bucket List: Recreation

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As I mentioned in another post, the recreation around the Reno area is amazing. It’s one of the things that separates this area from other places. There is almost an infinite amount to experience if you are willing to expand your list of hobbies. Below I have composed a list of unique things I would like to experience this summer, aka my summer bucket list. I chose unique things that many people are unaware of.

The Ice Caves: (Photo Credit)

icecavesSomewhere right outside of Truckee there are caves that lead deep into the Earth. From what I have heard, the entrance is a very tight, claustrophobic squeeze. Once you get past the entrance the caves open up into bigger taverns with huge iceicles lining some of the walls. Apparently it’s an adventure that requires some athletic ability and coordination, as it’s a dangerous trek. Headlamps are a must, as it’s typically pretty dark underground. These caves have been on my bucket list for a couple of years, but the problem is they are practically impossible to find since they are off the beaten path. You have to go with someone who can direct you and I have been unable to find a guide. If you’re interested in learning more, I found a couple of sites that described their adventures into the ice caves, including Elevated Image Photography and Travel Buddy. Here is a fairly amusing video of a visitor who discovered the caves.

Fly Geyser: (Photo Credit)

fly-geyser3 I just learned about this approximately one week ago from a post someone released on Facebook! You can see the list of “places you must see before you die” here. I know almost nothing about it and I don’t know of anyone who has been. It looks beautiful and it’s located in the black rock desert, which means you can knock out 2 cool places to visit with one trip. It’s amazing a close attraction happened to be on this list since it included destinations from all over the world. Apparently it was started a s a man made well, and it’s still located on private land. Therefore, I’m unsure how close you can legally get. I looked it up and read more about it here.


Pyramid Lake Geysers:

PyramidPyramid Lake is a unique place. First, the Truckee river flows east and drains into this lake which is unique since most rivers drain into the ocean. The lake is what remains of the ancient Lake Lahontan, which covered most of northern Nevada at the end of the last ice age. I believe the water is about 1/6 as salty as the ocean an unique species of fish live in there. I have camped there and climbed some of the rocks around the pyramid-shaped rock which gives the lake its name, as evident by the photo to the left. However I have never been to the far side, (northern end,) of the lake. In this area I heard there are geysers and hot springs all over the place. This area may be considered sacred and therefore off limits by the Native Americans who inhabited the area, and that is something I need to look into before I come storming in. I heard some of the hot springs are so hot that they will melt your skin off, so proceeding with caution is a necessity. Below is a video of a geyser at Pyramid Lake.


Boundary Peak: (Photo Credit)

Boundary_Peak_NevadaThis is the tallest peak in Nevada, standing at 13,147 feet. It’s located very close to the California border, east of Yosemite. The drive is almost 4 hours from Reno and I heard a vehicle that can handle dirt roads is necessary, as you will be driving off road until you reach your hiking point. Due to the elevation, this would be a perfect late summer activity. I don’t think the scenery is particularly amazing, but I think it would be a fun adventure and I want to stand on the highest point in Nevada. I will likely be camping there this August.

Have you been to any of these places? If so, leave me some feedback in a comment regarding the pros and cons.




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