Reno Night Life

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The night life in Reno is an interesting animal: Sometimes it’s ferocious and sometimes it’s tame. It’s often unpredictable. Since Reno is a smaller city, virtually all of the night life exists in downtown or midtown, and almost everything is within walking distance. Unlike Oregon, you can buy hard alcohol at any time of the day and unlike California, most of the bars close when the clientele leave. Best of all, you can easily get food at any time of the night.

Midtown and Downtown are distinctly different. Midtown is generally less crowded and the crowd is typically around the young professional age 25-35. Midtown consists of smaller bars such as St. James Infirmary, The Biggest Little City Club, Death and Taxes, Public House, Chapel, 1864 and more. Out of the bars I just named I like Death and Taxes for their unique cocktails, and St James Infirmary for the atmosphere. In the summer, St. James has a big deck on the second story that’s a prime location to hang with a group of friends.

St James. (Photo Credit)


Downtown is where most of the nightlife is located. There are too many bars to discuss but choose your location wisely, as some places are complete dives full of people you don’t want to associate with. I usually end up frequenting the same locations: Old Bridge is right on the river and they serve beer from all over the world. You can play shuffle board or darts, and the crowd is usually of the young professional age. Imperial is usually one of the more crowded spots, and they have $2 cocktails after 10pm. They’re also a restaurant and you can order food at later hours. It’s kind of a college bar and therefore the crowd is younger. The bar called Bar is a medium size, but it can get crowded. You can go to play darts or pool and the age of that venue is mixed.

(Photo Credit)

There are only a handful of clubs in Reno, and my opinion about clubs is that they’re all terrible. In my opinion there is nothing fun about a cover fee, overly priced drinks, loud crappy music and dancing rather than talking as the primary way to communicate. Now that Rise is closed, the main clubs in Reno are Edge inside of the Peppermill, and Babinga inside the El Dorado. I have been to both and Edge is the largest/nicest club in Reno, to my knowledge.

When you’re hunger strikes after you have had a few drinks, you are surrounded by food, however most of it is unhealthy. Noble Pie Parlor serves incredible New York style pizza. You can go to China Diner for some dirty delicious Chinese food or Golden Flower for Pho. Also, all of the casinos serve food into the night and they have a ton of bars. I’m not familiar with what they have to offer because i rarely venture in there. Are there any gems I should know about in the casinos? Leave me a comment and let me know.


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