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They don’t call Reno the Biggest Little City for no reason. In fact, the name is very fitting: It’s a relatively small city with a population under 250,000 residents, but there is a lot to do. The type of events vary substantially, meaning there is probably something for you, your friend, your Mom, and everyone in between. Below I will highlight some of the most well known events Reno has to offer.

Wine Walks/Beer Crawls: On the third Saturday of every month, there’s a wine walk through downtown. On the fourth Saturday of every month, there’s a beer crawl through downtown. Drinking is a social activity and this event is a great way to spend the day with a group of friends. These events are typically more crowded when the weather is nice, (more common in the summer,) and it’s easy to meet other Renoites. Further, there are themed crawls through out the year where you can dress up according to the selected theme, which usually centers around a holiday. I included a list of theme crawls in chronological order as they occur through out the year, and you can check out a schedule for the crawls HERE.

  • The Vampire Crawl: Valentines Day, (This year they rescheduled the Vampire Crawl and held a Pajama Crawl instead.)
  • The Leprechaun Crawl: St Patricks Day (Happening in 2 weeks! March 15th at 7:30PM)
  • The Pirate Crawl: In July, no correlation to a holiday. (Do you like the parrot on my right shoulder?)
  • The Superhero Crawl: In August, no correlation to a holiday.
  • The Zombie Crawl: Halloween. You can meet under the Reno arch to do the Micheal Jackson’s Thriller dance at 6pm!

Musicians/Comedians: There are always famous musicians and comedians stopping into town. Within the past couple years I can recall names like The Who, Boston, America, Steve Martin, Joe Bonamassa and Daniel Tosh playing either in Reno or Tahoe.  My parents recently saw Styx at the Silver Legacy and they said it was a great show. I suggest checking this website to see who is coming to town soon. After glancing at this list, I may have to get Jeff Dunham tickets for March 29th because he is hilarious! Some of the better shows I have been to lately included Steel Panther last summer and Cut Copy on Halloween night. For more information about music, check out my friend and fellow MBA student Teasha’s blog. 

Cut Copy

Steel Panther

Big Events: The Reno area is packed with events all summer long. Some of my favorites include the rib cook off, where you get to indulge in award winning ribs and sauces from all over the country. I will never forget the ribs from Texas-YUM! The Reno tomato is one for the bucket list: It’s totally disgusting, more violent then expected, but it’s nothing a satisfying dunk in the river afterward can’t fix. At a height of 6’4, I was an easy target:


 One event I’ve wanted to attend is the camel/ostrich/zebra races in Virginia City. I’m drawn to the event because it sounds really weird, hilarious and full of character. Other Reno events include the Balloon Races, The Rodeo, Street Vibrations, Hot August Nights, The Air Races, River Fest, Art Town and more. There’s too much to say about all of these events for this post. I will cover them in more detail on a later date. All of these events draw people to the area annually and have become a part of Reno’s culture. To learn more about Reno events and when they take place, click HERE.

What’s your favorite event in Reno? Leave me comment and let me know!


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