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Food. You want it, you need it and you love it. Reno has cuisine to cater to a large spectrum of palates, and wallets. Whether you want an authentic $5.00 burrito, a $100 fancy dinner for a special occasion or a “go to” restaurant you can visit frequently, there is probably a place for you. Below I have a few suggestions for different types of food.

1. Tha Joint – All You can Eat Sushi: Just typing it makes my mouth water. I love sushi and my friends from California are usually blown away to learn that all you can eat sushi is abundant in Reno, and it’s relatively cheap! I have eaten at most place in town and I have to say one of my favorite place is Tha Joint in Sparks. Their Nigiri contains a good ratio of fish to rice, and the fish tastes nice and fresh. (I can’t stand Nigiri when there’s a little piece of fish and a ton of rice.) I also think their roles have the correct balance of fish and sauces to make them yummy. You can check out their menu HERE. 

2. Campo – Italian: It’s probably the most well-known restaurant in Reno. Located on the river across from Century Theatres, it’s a prime location to eat outside or have drinks in the summer. The food is generally Italian and I can’t say I’ve ever had a bad dish. The food is sourced from local ranches and farms which is nice to consider from a health perspective, and a sustainability perspective. It’s also worth mentioning the cocktails are unique and very tasty. You can check out their menu HERE.

3. Food Truck Fridays – Everything: Food truck Fridays is a summer event where all of the food trucks in Reno pick a different location to sell their goods. One of the more highly decorated food trucks is the GourMelt, which serves gourmet grilled cheeses. I’m not a huge fan of grilled cheese, but this truck took my taste buds for a ride. You can see where the food trucks will be by liking the Food Truck Fridays Facebook Page.

4. Murrieta’s – Mexican: This is a nice Mexican restaurant located in South Reno.  The restaurant isn’t particularly authentic but the food is so good. I usually go for the enchiladas, (#3) or the burrito, (#16) in the combination plates. You can decide what you would like to eat HERE. For a quick fix, I would recommend AlDertos in North Reno located at 2900 Clear Acre Ln, Reno, NV 89512. Don’t expect to walk into a nice restaurant. It’s an amazing whole in the wall that’s so authentic there is no website. The burritos are about $5 and I would highly recommend either a Carne Asada or a Chicken Fajita burrito.

5. Nick’s Greek Deli – Greek: This place is about as “hole in the wall” as it gets. I remember the menus being paper, as if the were printed them from the owner’s home computer, and the “pictures” on the wall were mounted with tape or thumb tacks. Let’s get to the point: Spend about $7 and get a massive Greek salad with covered and surrounded by pita bread and gyro meat. It’s completely delicious and not so unhealthy that you need to feel guilty afterwards. Don’t take my word for it, check out the Yelp Reviews. (I do not believe a website exists for this gem.)

There are approximately 1 million more restaurants I would like to discuss, and I plan on doing so over time. What are some of your favorite places to eat? Leave me a comment and let me know which restaurant(s) make your saliva flow.


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